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Greetings All,

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions concerning the upcoming small group sessions.

Are the paid classes going to be the same as the free classes?

No, the sessions will not be the same. Some aspects, such as the numeracy routines and open-ended questioning will be similar, but the smaller class sizes will allow for more student participation and allow us to explore topics with more depth. Since we are not returning to the school houses this year, we want to ensure students have the opportunity to continue learning, close gaps, and have fun.

Do I have to attend every class?

No, you do not have to attend every class. I understand the schedule may not allow your child to attend every class. The classes will build, but there is enough review built in so that your child is not "lost" if they are unable to attend a few sessions. If possible, I strongly encourage you to not miss consecutive sessions.

My child struggles in her grade level math class. Can I sign her up for a lower grade?

YES! A benefit of these sessions is you are able to sign your child up for the grade level session where you know they will have a challenge but still experience success. If you need to sign up for a higher or lower grade level session than your child's actual grade level, DO IT!

Do you offer any discounts for multiple children?

Yes, please email or call us to discuss your situation.

Will you still offer free classes?


How many students are in the class?

The maximum number of students is 15. If a grade level frequently has less than 4 students we may collapse the class.

Do parents need to sit with their children?

It may be beneficial for the younger students if they need assistance with the technology, but it is not mandatory. However, many parents have enjoyed hearing their child's math thinking as well as gaining a better understanding into some of the math practices.

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