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Online Schedule Wed-Fri

Greetings all,

The schedule and links for the remainder of the week are below. Remember to have paper and pencil and to keep all conversations in the chat box math related.

For the remainder of the week we will largely focus on number sense, but I will continue to review previously taught standards.

March 18th

Fourth 9 https://zoom.us/j/266157846

Fifth 10:05 https://zoom.us/j/265359723

Kinder 11:10 https://zoom.us/j/430628558

First 12:15 https://zoom.us/j/132715838

Second 1:20 https://zoom.us/j/188852101

Third 2:25 https://zoom.us/j/105605713

March 19th

Third 9 https://zoom.us/j/507466647

Fourth 10:05 https://zoom.us/j/765143928

Fifth 11:10 https://zoom.us/j/361254686

Kinder 12:15 https://zoom.us/j/830423042

First 1:20 https://zoom.us/j/536423644

Second 2:25 https://zoom.us/j/961083914

March 20th

Second 9 https://zoom.us/j/635899592

Third 10:05 https://zoom.us/j/229082200

Fourth 11:10 https://zoom.us/j/234299519

Fifth 12:15 https://zoom.us/j/986932392

Kinder 1:20 https://zoom.us/j/138784143

First 2:25 https://zoom.us/j/853952869