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Online Session March 17

Greetings all,

Thanks for joining us today! We had rooms full of mathematicans doing the math and explaining the math! As a reminder the room will only hold 100 people. Recordings and slides will be available afterwards. I am still awaiting the recordings from today to download.

Please remind your scholar to keep all comments in the chat box focused on the math. I had to disable the chat for some of our scholars today. Please have paper and pencil to do the math (tablet, dry erase marker and board etc.).

The links for tomorrow are below. Please note the start times are not the same. They will shift each day. Also, K and 1 will move to 40 minute sessions. I will see how 2nd grade goes tomorrow to determine if they will have a time adjustment as well.

I'll see you all tomorrow!

- Math with McKnight

9 am Fifth Grade

1o:05 Kinder

11:10 First Grade

12:15 Second Grade

1:20 Third Grade

2:25 Fourth Grade

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