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Online Sessions March 24 - March 27

Greetings all,

Week two of home/virtual/distance school is here. This week's schedule and links are provided below. Please remember to have paper/pencil or a dry erase board.

I will continue to focus on number sense but I will revisit previously taught standards. Recordings will only be available for 24 hours as I need to constantly clear cloud space. If you wish to have the recording to revisit, please download it.

Kinder Math 24 March https://zoom.us/j/446909276

First Math 24 March https://zoom.us/j/715117489

Second Math 24 March https://zoom.us/j/846212443

Third Math 25 March https://zoom.us/j/754137733

Fourth Math 25 March https://zoom.us/j/353818458

Fifth Math 25 March https://zoom.us/j/565437603

Kinder Math 26 March https://zoom.us/j/371955960

First Math 26 March https://zoom.us/j/494469624

Second Math 26 March https://zoom.us/j/567469038

Third Math 27 March https://zoom.us/j/236017794

Fourth Math 27 March https://zoom.us/j/625684132

Fifth Math 27 March https://zoom.us/j/109914580

See ya in the classroom!