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Online Sessions March 24 - March 27

Greetings all,

Week two of home/virtual/distance school is here. This week's schedule and links are provided below. Please remember to have paper/pencil or a dry erase board.

I will continue to focus on number sense but I will revisit previously taught standards. Recordings will only be available for 24 hours as I need to constantly clear cloud space. If you wish to have the recording to revisit, please download it.

Kinder Math 24 March

First Math 24 March

Second Math 24 March

Third Math 25 March

Fourth Math 25 March

Fifth Math 25 March

Kinder Math 26 March

First Math 26 March

Second Math 26 March

Third Math 27 March

Fourth Math 27 March

Fifth Math 27 March

See ya in the classroom!

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