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The Truth

I love The Truth (Meaning of the Equal Sign) routine for several reasons...

For starters, even my scholars who aren't confident can give the first part of an answer. Even if they are simply guessing true or guessing false, I at least have them participating.

I also love this routine because of the opportunity to clear up a widely held misconception that the equal sign means, "the answer is coming." In fact, for our tiniest mathematicians I recommend using the equal sign in conjunction with the language "is the same as" as compared to only using the symbol.

I love that this routine offers our scholars the opportunity to practice using what they do know to figure out what they don't yet know. They are able to apply ideas and knowledge about one equation to another and make connections between different mathematical representations.

Do you know any five or six year olds? If so, I have a few slides for your scholar to try here!

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